Choreographers team together for “Fostering Dreams through Dance”

Producer Jesse Welch and professional dancer Melanie Buttarazzi teamed together recently with a vision to enrich the lives of foster youth through dance. Welch and Buttarazzi recruited choreographers Sean Cheeseman, Stacy Walker, Gustavo Vargas, and Robert Chino Lopez, who have worked with world renowned entertainment giants the likes of J Lo and Michael Jackson, as well as in television and film.

Eight to ten foster youth will be selected to participate in a 30-day dance program, and perform in their communities. Along the way, Welch and Buttarazzi will create a film documenting the process and exploring the challenges that foster youth face in America. This project marks the first in US history to allow the filming of foster youth, giving a voice to the challenges they face and their response to if or how dance changes their lives.
Check out the Indie Gogo campaign for “Fostering Dreams through Dance” below, or for more information visit

Author: Lauren Warnecke

Lauren Warnecke is a reporter for NPR affiliate station WGLT and freelance arts and culture critic, primarily reviewing dance for the Chicago Tribune. Lauren enjoys cooking, cycling and attempting to grow things in her backyard. She lives in central Illinois.

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