Art Intercepts is a mostly midwestern digital magazine. We cover the performing arts across an array of midwestern communities, with readers spanning the country and globe.

Perhaps you’re interested in writing about the arts, but you don’t want to commit to running your own blog. Or perhaps you want to publish your writing in a place you know it will be read. Or perhaps you live in a city where there’s not enough arts coverage.

Pitching us is easy…

Just email it to Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Art Intercepts publishes previews, reviews and features on the arts, with a distinctly midwestern focus to our coverage. While we don’t necessarily turn away writers from outside the region, we ask that you keep this in mind when pitching.
  • Include a short biography along with a description of your pitch.
  • If selected for publication, the editor reserves the right to modify the content of your post, within reason and format your content. Major changes will be communicated with the author prior to publishing.
  • You may send multiple pitches with your submission.
  • Unfortunately, this is an unfunded, volunteer operation. Lauren has some suggestions if you’re looking for outlets that pay.
  • We do not cover:
    • Reviews or previews of a show the author is directly (or in some cases indirectly) involved in as a performer, collaborator, donor, administrator, etc.
    • Outright promotion/marketing of a product, project or concert.
    • Articles totally unrelated to the performing arts.
    • Derogatory comments, name-calling, hate speech, and/or excessive profanity will not be tolerated. Under any circumstances. Just don’t do it.

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