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In/Motion Festival elevates dance, on and off screen

By on April 5, 2018

CHICAGO — A line of men struggled to shift along the walls of a cell, backs turned and elbows struggling to fit in and out of the spaces between the cell’s bars. The wall-to-wall screen of Loyola University Chicago’s Damen Cinema amplified these movements so that we the audience felt as though we were there […]

Second half of RAD Fest imbued with questions of power, perspective, permission

By on March 11, 2018

Author’s note: To read additional coverage of the 2018 Midwest RAD Fest, click here. KALAMAZOO, MI — Each of RAD Fest’s four juried live performances asked audience members to travel from the Epic Center’s Wellspring Theater to the Judy Jolliffe Theater across the hall, a flexible blackbox with gleaming, gorgeous wood floors. We’re told to stand […]

Choreographers team together for “Fostering Dreams through Dance”

By on March 16, 2014

Producer Jesse Welch and professional dancer Melanie Buttarazzi teamed together recently with a vision to enrich the lives of foster youth through dance. Welch and Buttarazzi recruited choreographers Sean Cheeseman, Stacy Walker, Gustavo Vargas, and Robert Chino Lopez, who have worked with world renowned entertainment giants the likes of J Lo and Michael Jackson, as well […]

Artist Profile: Boston’s Anna Reyes

By on December 27, 2013

Originally from Austin, TX, dancer/choreographer Anna Reyes left her hometown and a conventional ballet/modern/jazz dance training to attend The Boston Conservatory, where she fell in love with improvisation. Rather than moving to New York straight away after college, Reyes decided to plant herself in Boston for awhile. Two years later, she’s working as a personal […]