Dance-based discourse.

By on October 11, 2012

Since 2009, Art Intercepts has maintained an online platform for critical discourse about midwestern dance and performance.

Why it started:

The Dance Team and The Leopold Group | photo credit: Kelly Rose

As a graduate student in Kinesiology, Lauren Warnecke found a gap between the dance community and the scientific community.

Dancers and researchers don’t talk to one another.

Scientists don’t always understand the needs of the people they study, and frequently write and publish in inaccessible ways.

Initially, the goal of this site was to fill that gap by bringing research to the dance community in plain language. By creating a series of fact sheets based on a review of the literature about common dance injuries, and forming partnerships with other dance websites such as Dance Advantage and 4dancers, Art Intercepts’ aim was to bring reliable information to student and professional dancers.

Over time, the site has expanded to include arts criticism about the dance community across the midwestern states, adding additional voices from Chicago and beyond, and still engages in qualitative and mixed-methods research about dance technique and performance. We hope you will enjoy this site as it continues to expand its reach and define what it needs and wants to be.

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