DMTs Show Artistry and Collaboration in the Third Annual MOVED Concert (preview)


MOVED is a student run organization in the Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling (DMT & C) program at Columbia College Chicago. With a mission of advocacy for DMT through sponsored events and volunteering, MOVED promotes the integration of body and mind as a healing practice and provides exposure for the various therapeutic applications of dance.

A day in the life of a Dance Movement Therapist doesn’t look like any sort of dance career you might imagine. There are no ballet classes, no rehearsals… instead, the DMT spends his/her days with people who don’t know anything about dance.  But while Dance Movement Therapy is primarily a healing and counseling practice, at its heart is dance.

In its third year, the MOVED concert gives current DMT students as well as faculty and alumni of Columbia’s program the opportunity to revisit the artistic side of dance and stretch their choreographic wings. Title “MOVED By..”, this year’s concert used the prompt What Moves You? to inspire each work presented

 “MOVED By…” takes place November 14 – 15, 7pm at Hamlin Park Fieldhouse (3035 N. Hoyne). Voluntary donations of $10 are accepted at the door.

Author: Lauren Warnecke

Lauren Warnecke is a freelance writer and editor, focused on dance and cultural criticism in Chicago and across the Midwest. Lauren is the dance critic for the Chicago Tribune, editor of See Chicago Dance, and founder/editor of Art Intercepts, with bylines in Chicago Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, St. Louis Magazine and Dance Media publications, among others. Holding degrees in dance and kinesiology, Lauren is an instructor of dance and exercise science at Loyola University Chicago.