RTG Returns for “Return”

CHICAGO — My second job as a young Stage Manager was in 2010 for RTG Dance; it just so happened that this was Rachel Thorne Germond’s last show in Chicago.  I can vividly recall my experience working for Rachel… her quiet yet forceful demeanor made a deep impression on me, and if I nothing else I felt like she was an important person to know.

With Germond hanging out near Norfolk, VA for the past several years, Chicago’s dance community has been itching for her to return.  Always a smart and sagacious voice in our indie/modern dance scene, many have tried but none have quite been able to replace her spirit.  RTG was carving a path that others attempted to follow.  Her work is weird and wacky, while her marketing, presentation, and professionalism are decidedly astute.

As I gave the pre-show speech on her behalf in 2010, I promised Chicago she would return, and it is with her same sharp sensibility that she brings along several friends to her re-debut in the Windy City.  Collaboration, in fact, seems to be the name of the game to a successful weekend engagement these days, and we are seeing more and more double and triple bills popping up around the city.  Bringing two solos and a duet of her own, Germond is also playing host to LiChiao Ping (Wisconsin), Janet Schmid (Chicago), Jen Stone (Virginia), the Space/Movement Project (Chicago), and Johannah Wininsky/Anna Sapozhnikov (Chicago).

By bringing esteemed friends and RTG family along, Return is sure not to disappoint.  I won’t be stage managing this time, but you can bet I’ll be in the audience.

Catch RTG Dance and Friends’ Return June 22-24 at Links Hall.  Tickets and more information at linkshall.org. Photo of Rachel Thorne Germond by Brad Taylor.



Lauren Warnecke

Author: Lauren Warnecke

Lauren Warnecke is a freelance writer and editor, focused on dance and cultural criticism in Chicago and across the Midwest. Lauren is the dance critic for the Chicago Tribune, editor of See Chicago Dance, and founder/editor of Art Intercepts, with bylines in Chicago Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, St. Louis Magazine and Dance Media publications, among others. Holding degrees in dance and kinesiology, Lauren is an instructor of dance and exercise science at Loyola University Chicago.