Meet the 2016 SummerSpace artists: Jane Jerardi and Anna Normann

By on April 22, 2016

Jane Jerardi

Jane Jerardi (left)

Jane Jerardi is an artist working in the media of choreography, performance, video installation, and writing. Her work has been presented in a range of venues — from record store listening booths and public buses to storefronts, theaters and galleries. Her most recent project — Again — was recently supported through a residency at Links Hall and she will continue the work through the SummerSpace residency. This collaboration with Elise Cowin, Nora Sharp, and Mitsu Salmon explores time, memory and presence. Her past work has been commissioned by the Washington Performing Arts Society and Transformer (Washington, DC) and the Creative Communities Fund. Recent projects have been seen at 6018North, defibrillator performance gallery, and Sector 2337.  For more information on her and her work:

Project Description: Can a gesture ever be performed the same way twice? Does a memory change every time you recount it? Again considers our relationship to time – how choreography might be a series of ‘loops’ remembering what happened before and yet, done new every time. As a piece, it takes its starting point with the relationship between documentation and improvisation and the interplay between the two — how documents become stand-ins for memory and how memory might live through the body and change each moment as we improvise through day-to-day life. Created in collaboration with Elise Cowin, Nora Sharp, and Mitsu Salmon.

Anna Normann

photo credit: Katie Graves
Anna Normann | photo credit: Katie Graves

Anna Normann graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Dance, studying performance, choreography and teaching. She has performed and created with Mordine & Company Dance Theater, Draves/Kalpana Dance, Rachel Bunting’s The Humans, Chris Knowlton’s TedXWindyCity and Dance Your PhD film, the Fly Honeys, Erin Kilmurray and the Inconvenience, the GetDOWN PickUP Company, Monica Thomas, and Kelly Kane & Company. From 2009 to 2014, Anna was a collaborator with Kate Corby & Dancers where she performed regularly in Madison, WI, New York City and Chicago. Anna’s choreography has been seen at Links Hall, the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, the Music Center of Columbia College Chicago, Salonathon, Rebound Dance Festival, the Viaduct Theatre, the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, THAW 2012 in Chicago. Most recently her choreography has been set on high school students in West Java, Indonesia where she has been serving as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer for the past two years.  Anna is thrilled to be a part of this year’s SummerSpace Residency. She has missed her original home, Chicago, and looks forward to creating new works as well as encouraging education and art outreach throughout the city.

Project Description:
Anna will be using the SummerSpace Residency to create a work that comments on traditions; how they form and why they survive. Developed for different reasons, traditions survive with sometimes unrecognized flexibility that is used to condition norms, comfort people, create communities or stabilize power. Traditions can be continued out of comfortability, benefits for the community, social expectations, or for religious and national reasons. She envisions a performance that uses its own traditions to fuse and infuse its community. She’d like people to walk away from the performance with more questions about their own culture’s structure and influences.

Personally, the performance will be created and driven from her recent experiences as an American living in an Islamic, Javanese village for two years. Her experience gave her a unique ethnographic lens to witness, study and be a part of traditions as both an outsider and an insider. That objective and subjective perspective is, what she believes, an important lens when connecting relationships between a community and its political force, religious power and gender norms.

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