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By on July 5, 2013

When I started Art Intercepts, I envisioned a place where pre-professional and professional dancers and dance teachers could go to get accurate and reliable resources about training and performance. I saw a gap when it came to getting good information online, and through survey research had been led to believe that dancers needed more resources.

It all became a little more confusing when I was invited to write my first review in 2012, which pointed to another gap, this one in the dearth of dance critics writing about the field.

Since then, Art Intercepts has held this dual mission of continuing to expand a catalogue of evidence-based resources and providing a platform for arts journalism in a fragile media landscape that increasingly devalues good arts writing. And many things about this blog are unsatisfying and unfinished, but I’m committed to it anyhow — committed to maintaining a space that is trying to be a champion for dance and the performing arts.

In pursuit of this goal, a number of excellent writers have come onboard to provide additional perspectives and fresh content for the site, volunteering their time, words and talent to the platform. We’ve brainstormed a number of different ideas about how to make arts writing more sustainable, and basically have determined that we need your help.

So what follows is a plea to join our “C.S.A.” — that’s Community Supported Arts writing — a collective of enthusiastic supporters who value what we do and are willing to pay for content before it’s created.

Here’s the good news:

  • By subscribing to Art Intercepts and joining the C.S.A., your dollars directly contribute to paying our columnists and contributors, some of whom have been volunteering for over a year.
  • You choose your level of commitment, and you name your price. Subscriptions to Art Intercepts are pay-what-you-can, beginning at $1. But you could also give us $100 or $1 million if you think it’s appropriate.
  • What’s my incentivizing gift? Subscribers get exclusive access to an annual digital and/or print edition of our content, including articles which don’t appear on the site.

Interested in learning more?

Fill out this form below and I’d be happy to chat with you about what our unique partnership could look like.

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