Filling the Gaps…

By on July 5, 2013

Part of Art Intercepts’ mission is to provide dancers with accurate and reliable resources, and, when they aren’t available, to engage in research to bridge gaps between the dancers and their audiences, between the academic and dance communities, and between dancers and allied health care professionals.

In other words, we seek to find and understand the interceptions between dance, science, higher education, and criticism

To that end, we partner with universities, clinicians, and dance companies conducting qualitative and mixed-methods research aimed at uncovering trends in dance training and performance, injury awareness and p/rehabilitation, and aesthetic competence. Through an interdisciplinary approach, we seek to understand the practical applications of dance science, and how quantitative approaches grapple with (and sometimes against) a field which produces products that are inherently subjective.

Our work is slow, but novel, partly because of the forum in which it’s documented – a blog.

Areas of focus:

  • Qualitative movement analysis and aesthetic competence
  • Best-practices in dance pedagogy and higher education involving movement practices
  • Cross-training practices and dance injury pre- and rehabilitation
  • Implementation of evidence-based training practices from sports
  • Qualitative research practices

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