Pathologies: Tibial Torsion

By on December 30, 2012



Tibial torsion is a curving of the tibia (shinbone).  It is very common, usually developing before birth, and often corrects itself once walking begins.

  • Internal tibial torsion is a medial (inward) curvature of the tibia.
  • External tibial torsion is a lateral (outward) curvature of the tibia.

Impact on dance technique:

Tibial torsion persists in some individuals into adult life, and can be caused or exacerbated by forcing turnout of the foot without equal rotation of the hip and thigh.  However, it has been found in one previous study that the incidence of tibial torsion is no higher in dancers than the rest of the general population.

Individuals with tibial torsion are at an increased risk for developing patellofemoral pain syndrome and it may be predictive of anterior cruciate ligament injury.  The malalignment of the joint and subsequent overloading are implicated in the increased incidence of injury among individuals with tibial torsion.

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