Connecting with Scientific Inquiry

By on February 18, 2013

Art Intercepts is not just another dance blog.

In flirting with academia and health sciences over the past decade, part of my mission has been to connect dancers with accurate and reliable information developed by dance scientists, kinesiologists, sports and conditioning professionals, and qualitative researchers.

This section of the site is dedicated to producing and disseminating useful information for dancers, educators, and arts administrators, as well as identifying and exploring questions yet to be answered by the scientific community.

What you’ll find here:

Reference Pages: Information about the moving body, common injuries, and pathologies affecting dance technique.

Links and Online Resources

  • A laundry list of online resources including dance medicine, insurance, expressive arts therapies, and more!
  • My very favorite dance books and blogs

** Note: Fact sheets are compiled from peer-reviewed resources, and are intended for reference only.  For a complete list of references, click here.  In the event of an injury, seek advice from a licensed health professional.  The original content of this site is protected by copyright and may be shared, but not be republished without permission.  For full disclaimers and disclosures, visit our policies.

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