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By on December 30, 2012

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise stated, all content on Art Intercepts is created or maintained by Lauren Warnecke. No content is to be republished or reproduced without the express permission of the editor.  All rights reserved.

Images included on this site have either been used with permission or fall under the public domain / Creative Commons.

Dance companies and choreographers are welcome and encouraged to include pull quotes in PR materials and on social media. Please attribute quotes to the author and Art Intercepts. Include a hyperlink to the article where possible. You may also save articles as PDF files to post on websites or use in press packets.

If you have any questions about how to share and use content on this site appropriately, please contact us.


Every attempt is made to bring you information and resources that are up-to-date, accurate, and evidence-based, but sometimes we make mistakes. If you find an error, please contact us.

The learning pages and other resources on the site are intended for reference and research purposes only, and, while created from academic resources, should not replace the advice of a licensed medical professional. Art Intercepts claims no responsibility or liability for any harm that may result from opinions or advice followed from this site. In the event of injury or serious health concern, you are advised against self-diagnosis and/or treatment and encouraged to see a licensed medical professional.

Art Intercepts creates articles including reviews and previews of dance-related events, and editorials regarding news in the dance world.  Opinions expressed here are those of the author, and are not representative of any professional affiliations (including Loyola University Chicago, X-Sport Fitness, the Chicago Tribune or the Huffington Post).


Art Intercepts accepts free products in exchange for reviews and endorsements.  No product will be reviewed that does not merit an honest endorsement.

Due to a personal conflict of interest, Lauren Warnecke does not review performances presented by Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. Occasionally, previews and feature articles may include Hubbard Street and/or its affiliates.

Art Intercepts is a monitized blog that accepts sponsorships, ads, and affiliate programs to support the general operating and maintenance costs of the site. Sidebar ads are curated, with the exception of Google AdSense ads. These advertisements are selected by Google based on your browsing history and Art Intercepts is unable to control the content.

Commenting on this site

Art Intercepts encourages honest and healthy discussion about our content.  However, we reserve the right to remove any comments that are overtly malicious, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate.

Privacy Policy

Commenting and making purchases of goods or tickets on this site requires you to list your email address, however your email is not public on the site and cannot be viewed by readers. You will receive an automatic email response to purchases, and the editor reserves the right to email you if further communication or clarification is needed.

Art Intercepts will never sell or share your information without your permission. Commenting or making a purchase will not opt you into any listserv or mailing list – you must opt in yourself.

While every attempt is made to fact check and verify the information and links on this site, the Internet can be an unreliable source of information.  If at any time the security of this website becomes a concern, readers will be notified promptly and questionable links, cookies, etc. removed.

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