Zen and the Art of Tech Week


I knew this week wasn't going to be easy. 


First week of school, family members coming into town, and tech week.  Tech week is exhausting even under the best of circumstances, but this one's a doozy.


Surprisingly, I'm in good form so far.  I haven't really experienced much of the last minute OMG moments where I realize I didn't make a program, or follow up with press, or buy the right underwear to go under my costume.


It's the little lady with the long name that is making for such a hassel-free week, with thanks to the Kemper Foundation and Links Hall's brand spankin' new Apprentice Producer Program.  I'm not having those panicky moments, because it's all taken care of, and not by me, and I don't have to spare a dime on it.




Caralanay, our Apprentice Production and PR Manager, rocked this show, and according to her, learned a lot in the process.


I learned a lot too:  I learned that I'm happier with the result when I spend my time focusing on the work itself, and not on the program, or the PR, or the box office.  Excepting the purchase of afore mentioned underwear, Caralanay took care of all the details and afforded me the time and the energy to make the dance I wanted to make. 


Ironically, that's kind of, part of, what my dance is about.


Come check it out!  The not-to-be-missed double bill of yours truly and enidsmithdance goes up on Friday through Sunday at Links Hall.



More info available at: www.linkshall.org

Tickets available at: http://icedcoffee.eventbrite.com/



Lauren Warnecke

Author: Lauren Warnecke

Lauren Warnecke is a freelance writer and editor, focused on dance and cultural criticism in Chicago and across the Midwest. Lauren is the dance critic for the Chicago Tribune, editor of See Chicago Dance, and founder/editor of Art Intercepts, with bylines in Chicago Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, St. Louis Magazine and Dance Media publications, among others. Holding degrees in dance and kinesiology, Lauren is an instructor of dance and exercise science at Loyola University Chicago.

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